6 Philly Hot Dogs Foobooz recommends you try

Bainbridge Street Barrel House Carolina DogNow this is a list we can get behind. The folks over at Foobooz have highlighted Six awesome Hot Dogs you can only get right here in Philly.

The list includes Hot Dogs from: Miller’s Twist in the Reading Terminal Market, Alla Spina, Varga Bar, Underdogs, Grubhouse and Paesano’s.

We can personally vouch for each and every one of these unique and tasty Hot Dogs and highly recommend them all.

Sampling all of them on a single day would be way too much for a Hot Dog Crawl, but we think it might make a pretty good Hot Dog Safari, especially if you’re on bikes.


A List of Inexpensive Hot Dogs at Cheapism.com

Hot Dog Lunch At The HERO Summer Camp In PhillyWhether we’re out on the street, giving away free Hot Dogs or donating them to feed our vetrans and the kids at local summer recreational programs, we prefer Dietz & Watson Hot Dogs over any other brand.

Oddly, they’re not included in this list at Cheapism.com, where they ranked the Oscar Mayer Classic Beef Franks as the winner. Based on the article, it can costs as little as 35 cents for a delicious tasting hot dog (not including bun and toppings).

So, the good news is that just about everyone who wants to can join us in celebrating National Hot Dog Month!

America’s 75 Best Hot Dogs according to the Daily Meal

Texas Weiners, Philadelphia The Daily Meal has an article about the 75 Best Hot Dogs in America. You can check out the full list here.

Here are links to info about the local/regional stands that made the list. We can confirm they’re all worth visiting.

The number represents their Daily Meal ranking:

#49 Memphis Taproom Beer Garden in Philly
#30 Texas Weiners in Philly
#29 Johnnie’s Dog House in Wilmington, DE
#10 Jimmy John’s Pipin’ Hot Sandwiches in West Chester, PA
#59 Jimmy Buff’s Italian Hot Dogs in West Orange, NJ
#22 Coney Island Lunch in Scranton, PA

40 world wide ways to fix Hot Dogs, Philly overlooked again…

Free Hot DogsFood Republic has put together a poster with illustrations and lists of toppings for 40 different versions of Hot Dogs.

When we set up the grill, out on the streets of Philly, we keep it simple: ketchup, yellow/brown mustard, relish and buns. On occasion, we might also have tomatoes and/or white onions.

Hopefully Food Republic will one day take a safari to Philly, perhaps after reading this Zagat article, and they’ll discover a hot dog or two to include in their next list.

A Hundred Dollar Dog

Hot Dog gets Beer 2014

A Cognac-soaked hot dog, created by Vancouver, BC based restaurant Dougie Dog (now closed according to YELP!), was “officially” recognised as the world’s most expensive hot dog.

The foot long dog was soaked in $2,000 vintage 100-year-old Louis XIII Cognac, fried in truffle oil and topped with Kobe beef, fresh lobster and picante sauce. They claim that they sold a bunch of them, but apparently not enough.

Here in Philly, you can get a mortadella hot dog with spicy pickles and cabbage relish for eight bucks at Alla Spina. If that’s not your style, here’s a list from Zagat of the best Hot Dogs in Philly (some of these are no longer available, sadly).

Hot Dog Safari 2013

Hot Dog SafariWe’re ending our month long celebration of Hot Dogs with a Safari to NEPA, to visit a  pair of famous Hot Dog restaurants in Scranton.

We’re also going to stop by a place in Wilkes-Barre that’s been serving dogs since the mid 60’s.

It turns out there are four additional hot dog stands, between Carbondale and Wilkes-Barre. That’s at least seven hot dog stands within an hours drive… this place seems like a Hot Dog Paradise! We plan on sampling as many dogs as we can while we’re up there.

On our way back, time permitting, we’ll be stopping off in downtown Allentown to visit another famous local Hot Dog joint.  Here’s our itinerary, italicised restaurants are optional:

Carwanna (Yelp): 54 Salem Ave, Carbondale, PA
Coney Island of Scranton (Yelp): 100 Cedar, Scranton, PA
Coney Island Lunch (Yelp): 515 Lackawanna Ave, Scranton, PA
Torony’s Giant Hot Dog (Yelp): 575 E Main St, Wilkes Barre, PA
Hot Dog Hall of Fame (Yelp): 1280 Highway 315 Blvd, Wilkes Barre, PA
Super Dogs & Subs (Yelp): 526 S Main St, Wilkes Barre, PA
Abe’s (Yelp): 419 S Main St, Wilkes Barre, PA

Yocco’s Hot Dog King (Yelp): 625 W Liberty St, Allentown, PA
Yacco’s (Yelp): 1930 Catasauqua Rd, Allentown, PA
Dad’s Hot Dogs (Yelp): 2352 Catasauqua Rd, Bethlehem, PA

Celebrating National Hot Dog Month in Philly & Beyond

HotDogBesides our Sponsors, here are some restaurants in Philly and the surrounding region that are joining us in celebrating National Hot Dog Month. Addresses are in Philly, unless otherwise noted.

Hobbs, 1 Park Avenue, Swarthmore, PA
They’re having a Special Grilling event on Friday, July 12th. If you go wearing a Philly National Hot Dog Month t-shirt you’ll get a free dog! Don’t have a shirt? Contact us using this form and we’ll hook you up (prices are $20 ea or two for $30).

So Crepe, 1506 South St
Stop by and enjoy a “So Dog” on July 14th, Bastille Day

Yo Dog [Yelp Review], 1014 E Willow Grove Ave, Glenside, PA

Memphis Tap Room Beer Garden, 2331 E Cumberland St
Their Hot Dog, “The Polser” was selected as the 2nd Best Hot Dog in the US by Fox News.

Dapper Dog Food Truck, parked at LOVE Park and in Northern Liberties
Enjoy one of their fabulous dogs at lunch time Thursdays at LOVE Park, or Fridays & Saturdays up in Northern Liberties.

A.P.J. Texas Wieners [Yelp Review], 47 N 13th St

Under Dogs, 132 S 17th St

Moes Hot Dog House, 2601 Washington Ave

Cool Dog Cafe, 2091 Marlton Pike E (Rte 70 E), Cherry Hill, NJ

Jimmy John’s, 1507 Wilmington Pike, West Chester, PA
They’ve been serving great Hot Dogs in West Chester since 1940.

Love Hot Dog Co Food Truck, Rt 73 (across from the WaWa), Skippack, PA
Check them out weekdays for lunch at the Skippack Farmer’s Market Lot

You can find a great list of Hot Dog places, local and nationwide, at the Hot Dog Page of Holly (Hollister) Moore’s website, Holly Eats.