Hot Doggin’ in Newcastle, AU

Harry's Cafe de Wheels
Harry’s Café de Wheels in Newcastle, NSW AU

I was visiting family, who live across the river from Newcastle in Stockton, during the beginning of Hot Dog Month but that didn’t stop me from enjoying a dawg in celebration.

I saw several signs around town advertising 4th of July Hot Dog specials during our midweek visit, none of which were still available. However, my wife and I did enjoy a couple of dogs overlooking Newcastle’s Harbor at Harry’s Café de Wheels

Cili Con Carne & Hotdog de Wheels

This is their Hot Dog with Chili con Carne, which has beans and the House Special, the Hot Dog de Wheels which features mushy peas, chilli con carne and garlic onions with cheese sauce & chilli sauce.

Hot Dog de Wheels

The buns, toppings and frankfurters were all fresh and delicious. While I don’t think mushy peas on hot dogs will be making an appearence here in Philly any time soon it tasted pretty good and so did the beans in the chili con carne.

Café de Wheels

If you find yourself in Newcastle, or any of the other cities they have stands, I recommend checking them out.