2015 South Street Hot Dog Crawl

2015 Hot Dog Crawl, featuring the Wild BohemiansWe kicked off this year’s crawl on Saturday the 11th at the Redwood on South Street with a delicious sampling of their corndogs.

While we relaxed and enjoyed our beverages al fresco, the Wild Bohemians arrived and began serenading us.


After finishing the corndogs we headed off to Primo Hoagies, our 2nd stop.

The Wild Bohemians jammin at Johnny Rockets Unfortunately they weren’t able to participate like they’d planned, so we moved on to Johnny Rockets.

We like the Hot Dogs there because you can get ’em prepared with just about anything they have in the kitchen as a condiment.

After enjoying our custom Hot Dogs while the Wild Bohemians performed as a live jukebox, it was time to head across the street to our last, but not least stop, Gus’ Hot Dog Cart.

Gus' Hot Dog Stand We saved the best for last as we joined the que at Gus’ for the final Hot Dog of the crawl.

After sampling Gus’ old school Hot Dogs it was time to wipe our chins and hands while the Wild Bohemians finished up their mobile set.


2015 South Street Hot Dog CrawlIt was a great way to spend a saturday afternoon and  we highly recommend making the crawl yourself if you find yourself  down on South Street.

Special thanks to Mary Anne Eves for taking and letting us use the photos.