Remembering The Little Dog House on Germantown Ave

Remembering The Little Dog House, on Germantown Ave, in Philly Saturday, July 25th we set up the grill in the 5100 block of Germantown Ave, where The Little Dog House used to be.

Not only did we serve up 200 hot dogs, but we had an opportunity to meet a bunch of local folks who remembered eating there.

Enjoying a Hot Dog 2015


Everyone we talked to had a favorite memory of hanging out or eating at the Little Dog House, as well as stories about the restaurants and other businesses that used to be on the block.

It was wonderful hearing stories about the neighborhood’s past and the many changes that have occurred over the years, but it was even better meeting the neighbors. Almost all of them grew up there, so they had a.

Hot Dog Clothesline 2015 We also set up the Hot Dog T-Shirt Clothesline, which we strung in front of our grilling area, to show off Hot Dog Stand T-Shirts from a few of the many places we’ve enjoyed hot dogs.

The Little Dog House on Germantown Ave in Philly
The Little Dog House on
Germantown Ave in Philly
Our Little Dog House Memorial Display
Our Little Dog House Memorial Display

6 Philly Hot Dogs Foobooz recommends you try

Bainbridge Street Barrel House Carolina DogNow this is a list we can get behind. The folks over at Foobooz have highlighted Six awesome Hot Dogs you can only get right here in Philly.

The list includes Hot Dogs from: Miller’s Twist in the Reading Terminal Market, Alla Spina, Varga Bar, Underdogs, Grubhouse and Paesano’s.

We can personally vouch for each and every one of these unique and tasty Hot Dogs and highly recommend them all.

Sampling all of them on a single day would be way too much for a Hot Dog Crawl, but we think it might make a pretty good Hot Dog Safari, especially if you’re on bikes.


2015 South Street Hot Dog Crawl

2015 Hot Dog Crawl, featuring the Wild BohemiansWe kicked off this year’s crawl on Saturday the 11th at the Redwood on South Street with a delicious sampling of their corndogs.

While we relaxed and enjoyed our beverages al fresco, the Wild Bohemians arrived and began serenading us.


After finishing the corndogs we headed off to Primo Hoagies, our 2nd stop.

The Wild Bohemians jammin at Johnny Rockets Unfortunately they weren’t able to participate like they’d planned, so we moved on to Johnny Rockets.

We like the Hot Dogs there because you can get ’em prepared with just about anything they have in the kitchen as a condiment.

After enjoying our custom Hot Dogs while the Wild Bohemians performed as a live jukebox, it was time to head across the street to our last, but not least stop, Gus’ Hot Dog Cart.

Gus' Hot Dog Stand We saved the best for last as we joined the que at Gus’ for the final Hot Dog of the crawl.

After sampling Gus’ old school Hot Dogs it was time to wipe our chins and hands while the Wild Bohemians finished up their mobile set.


2015 South Street Hot Dog CrawlIt was a great way to spend a saturday afternoon and  we highly recommend making the crawl yourself if you find yourself  down on South Street.

Special thanks to Mary Anne Eves for taking and letting us use the photos.

A List of Inexpensive Hot Dogs at

Hot Dog Lunch At The HERO Summer Camp In PhillyWhether we’re out on the street, giving away free Hot Dogs or donating them to feed our vetrans and the kids at local summer recreational programs, we prefer Dietz & Watson Hot Dogs over any other brand.

Oddly, they’re not included in this list at, where they ranked the Oscar Mayer Classic Beef Franks as the winner. Based on the article, it can costs as little as 35 cents for a delicious tasting hot dog (not including bun and toppings).

So, the good news is that just about everyone who wants to can join us in celebrating National Hot Dog Month!

Remembering the old Texas Wiener on Lancaster Avenue

Free Hot Dogs in rememberance of Texas WienerWe arrived Friday evening, the10th and started to get set up in front of the former home of Texas Weiner, at 40th & Lancaster Ave.

Turned out, the religious center next door didn’t want us competing with their free food program.

Hot Dogs cookin' on the grillSo after they came out and shooed us away, we set up across the intersection and proceed to serve 180 delicious Hot Dogs, all thanks to our sponsors!


Our 3rd Annual South Street Hot Dog Crawl will be on Saturday, July 11th

2015 Hot Dog CrawlIt’s time again for this year’s Annual South Street Hot Dog Crawl. This year we’re doing it on Saturday, July 11th, beginning at noon.

We’ll meet up at the Copabanana restaurant on South Street (344 South) to enjoy our first hot dog of the crawl. Our next stop will be at Primo Hoagies (326 South).

From there we’ll go to Johnny Rockets (443 South), finishing off at Gus’ Hot Dog Cart [Facebook] (corner 5th & South).

We’ll be serenaded the entire time by the The Wild Bohemians [Facebook] and give Free Philly Hot Dog Month T-Shirts away to everyone who completes the crawl with us.

3rd Annual Lucky’s Great Weiner Race at Lucky’s Last Chance in Manayunk, PA

3rd Annual Lucky's Great Weiner Race at Lucky's Last Chance in Manayunk, PA Lucky’s Last Chance is holding their 3rd Annual Lucky’s Great Weiner Race later this month, to help raise money for PAWS.

It’ll be held Wednesday, July 22nd starting at 6:30 pm and should be done by 8 pm (maybe sooner).

They’ll also be donating a dollar-a-dog during July to help PAWS, so be sure and stop by any time during National Hot Dog Month and enjoy one of their delicious hot dogs.

Lucky’s is located at 4421 Main Street in Manayunk, PA.