America’s 75 Best Hot Dogs according to the Daily Meal

Texas Weiners, Philadelphia The Daily Meal has an article about the 75 Best Hot Dogs in America. You can check out the full list here.

Here are links to info about the local/regional stands that made the list. We can confirm they’re all worth visiting.

The number represents their Daily Meal ranking:

#49 Memphis Taproom Beer Garden in Philly
#30 Texas Weiners in Philly
#29 Johnnie’s Dog House in Wilmington, DE
#10 Jimmy John’s Pipin’ Hot Sandwiches in West Chester, PA
#59 Jimmy Buff’s Italian Hot Dogs in West Orange, NJ
#22 Coney Island Lunch in Scranton, PA

Hot Dog Month Philly 2015 Events

We have a number of events planned for this month so we hope you’ll join us, in person or in spirit, as we share and enjoy Hot Dogs during the entire month of July!

Hot Dog T-Shirts & Dolls *Sunday, July 5th: The opening of our Hot Dog History & Doll Display at 703 South 4th St. It starts at 2:30 pm with a reading of this year’s Proclamation. It will be on display the entire month of July.

*Friday, July 10th (2nd Friday on Lancaster): We’ll be Remembering Famous Hot Dog Stands from the Past at 40th & Lancaster Ave in front of Texas Wiener. It’s from 6 till 8 pm and will feature a memorial display & FREE Hot Dogs! Stop by if you’re in the area.

Hot Dog Stand Matchbooks *Saturday, July 11th: It’s our 3rd Annual South Street Hot Dog Crawl. Starting at noon, we’ll visit 5 different restaurants to sample their special creations celebrating Hot Dog Month.

The crawl starts at the CopabananaRedwood Restuarants, at the corner of 4th & South Streets. It’s pay as you go and we’ll be giving away a Free 2015 Hot Dog Month Philly T-shirt to everyone who completes the crawl!

But Wait! There’s More! We’ll also be serenaded the entire time by the music of The Wild Bohemians [Facebook]!

Levis Sign *Tuesday  July 14th or 21st: We’re taking a Trip Down Memory Lane. A group of old timers that ate at Levis many years ago and are in the 50 Year Club are visiting the Levis Hot Dog stand  in Jenkentown,  Pa. Not only will we be enjoying Hot Dogs, but we’re also planning on collecting their stories on video for a future film.

*Saturday July 18th: South Street Headhouse District’s, Dog Days of Summer Cookoff celebrates it’s fourth year. We’ll see you there, ’cause we’re not square.


Promo Hoagies on South Street host their annual Veterans Eat Free Sausage Sandwiches from 1 to 7 pm*Thursday July 23rd: We’ll be joining the folks at Primo Hoagies – South St for their Annual Veterans Eat Free Sausage Sandwiches Day held at 326 South Street from 1 till 7 pm.

*Saturday July 25th: We’ll be Remembering Famous Hot Dog Stands from the Past, from 1 till 3 pm, with a tribute to The Little Dog House once located at 5121 Germantown Ave. We’ll have a memorial display & be giving away Free Hot Dogs!

We hope to be adding new events as the month progresses, so be sure to check back during July for updates.

Hot Dog Month 2015 Dress Rehearsal

Hot Dog Month Dress Rehearsal 2015
Joel Spivak, Joanne Hoffman, Neil Benson & Diane Keller

On Friday evening, June 26th we held a practice hot dog give away in front of Maxie’s Daughter Fabrics [Yelp], in South Philly. We handed out around 200 hot dogs and had to make a market run towards the end for buns and mustard. It was a terrific success!

Our friends Kate Mellina & Dave Christopher stopped by and took a bunch of pictures which they’ve posted on their website Unexpected Philadelphia. We highly recommend checking it out.

40 world wide ways to fix Hot Dogs, Philly overlooked again…

Free Hot DogsFood Republic has put together a poster with illustrations and lists of toppings for 40 different versions of Hot Dogs.

When we set up the grill, out on the streets of Philly, we keep it simple: ketchup, yellow/brown mustard, relish and buns. On occasion, we might also have tomatoes and/or white onions.

Hopefully Food Republic will one day take a safari to Philly, perhaps after reading this Zagat article, and they’ll discover a hot dog or two to include in their next list.

A Hundred Dollar Dog

Hot Dog gets Beer 2014

A Cognac-soaked hot dog, created by Vancouver, BC based restaurant Dougie Dog (now closed according to YELP!), was “officially” recognised as the world’s most expensive hot dog.

The foot long dog was soaked in $2,000 vintage 100-year-old Louis XIII Cognac, fried in truffle oil and topped with Kobe beef, fresh lobster and picante sauce. They claim that they sold a bunch of them, but apparently not enough.

Here in Philly, you can get a mortadella hot dog with spicy pickles and cabbage relish for eight bucks at Alla Spina. If that’s not your style, here’s a list from Zagat of the best Hot Dogs in Philly (some of these are no longer available, sadly).

Home-Run Hot Dogs

Joel Enjoying A Hot Dog Baseball is in full swing, which makes our thoughts turn to enjoying a summer’s worth of ballpark dogs.

Apparently we’re not the only ones since Delish has a slideshow of “The Best Dogs from America’s Baseball Stadiums.”

Unfortunately the Philly “signature dog” at Citizens Bank Park is prepared Chicago Style… go figure. Seems like a Philly Dog should include a fishcake and pepper relish (the Philly Surf ‘n’ Turf) or maybe use a pretzel instead of the bun, like Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Dogs, but I guess that’s just us. Could be worse, there’s a Philly Cheesesteak-style Hot Dog at Dodger Stadium…