Kicking off National Hot Dog Month with free Hot Dogs & Pretzels and a reading of the Mayor’s Proclimation

Free Hot Dogs and PretzelsWe opened our Hot Dog History Display, at 703 South 4th St, with free Hot Dogs from the Famous 4th Street Deli and Philly Soft Pretzels for everyone who stopped by.

We also had a cardboard Hot Dog and several Hot Dog lovers stopped to have their pictures taken. In fact, here’s a photo of me posing as Hot Dog Guy.

Joel Spivak as the Hot Dog GuyWe were serenaded by Otis & his friends, a bunch of local musicians that performed a nice mix of funk and soul that kept toes tapping and encouraged more than a few folks to dance a step or two while enjoying their hot dogs and pretzels.

Soul Survivors I also read the Mayor’s Proclamation that Philly would again be proudly celebrating National Hot Dog month during July, 2016.

Joel Spivak reads the Mayor's ProclimationSince we served all the Hot Dogs and most of the Pretzels by the time we were done, it looks like we’re off to a great start to this year’s celebration!

Hotdog Month Philly 2016 Events

We have a number of events planned for this year so we hope you’ll join us, in person or in spirit, as we share and enjoy Hotdogs during the entire month of July!

Perfectly Topped Hot Dog*Philly’s Best Hotdog Contests: We’re sponsoring two Hotdog contests this year: Best of South St (birthplace of Hotdog Month Philly) & Best of Philly.

Our panel of Food Critics and Celebrity Judges will be checking out the various Hotdogs that area restaurants have created and award a prize on July 30th. Stay tuned for a list of participating judges & contestants.

*Friday, June 24th: The opening of our Hotdog History Display at 703 South 4th St. It starts at 6 pm with a reading of this year’s Proclamation. It will be on display the entire month of July.

Hot Dogs & Sauerkraut*Tuesday July 12th: We and our sponsors will provide hotdog lunches for veterans at the Philadelphia Veterans Multi-Service Center, 213 N 4th St.

Last year we proudly fed over 600 vets and we’re looking forward to serving as many, if not more, this year.

*Thursday, July 14th: Lunch provided for children attending summer camp at  HERO (Help Energize & Rebuild Ourselves) Community Center, 17th & Tioga Sts.

Gus' Hot Dog Stand*Friday July 15th, 2 pm:  We’ll be joined by special guests as we host a pop up exhibit celebrating South St Hotdog Cart History, at Gus’ Hot Dog Cart at the corner of 5th & South Sts.

*Monday July 18th, 7:05 pm: We’ll be in the stands enjoying Hotdogs while we watch the Philly’s play the Marlins at Citizens Bank Park.

*Wednesday July 20th, 7 pm: We’ll be in Manyunk for the Wiener Race at Lucky’s Last Chance, 4421 Main St in Manayunk. Lucky’s will donate $1 for every Hotdog they sell during the month of July, to PAWS.

Event Image*Friday July 22nd, 2 pm: We’ll be visiting Texas Wiener, Philly’s Oldest Hotdog Stand (they opened in 1923) at 1426 Snyder Ave.

*Wednesday July 27th: We’ll be providing lunches to all the children attending Bible Camp at Philips Temple Christian Methodist Church, 754 S 3rd St.

*Saturday July 30th: Best of South St & Best of Philly Hot Dog Awards Ceremony. Time & location to be announded.

We hope to be adding new events as the month progresses, so be sure to check back during July for updates.